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Fitness Assessment

The fitness assessment is the first step in your journey to a fitter you. During the first session, we will start your assessment to get a complete understanding of your current fitness level and to set realistic attainable goals. Your assessment consists of the following steps:

✔ Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire can help you and your trainer to understand if you are ready to start your program or need to consult your doctor. It is a simple self-screening tool and is design to uncover potential risks associated with exercise.

✔ Once we know what you can do, we will move on to what you want to do. Together we will set goals based on your current fitness level, we will agree on them and move to the next step.

✔ We will look at your nutrition and how it aligns with your goal.

✔ We then are going to move on assession you stability, mobility, and strength. Not to worry, it is just to set a baseline for your training progress.

✔ Finally, we will take a look at your cardiovascular health and fitness and see if we need to focus on that first to make sure you have the tools to achieve your goals.

With those steps completed, we can move on to creating your personalized plan.