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Personalized Fitness Plan

Now that we have a baseline, we will move to create your personalized fitness plan. Whether you need to work on your stability, optimize your movement or build strength and power, we can create steps and measurable and attainable goals for you to look forward to. The personalized plan will look something like this.

The plan will list all of your goals and when you planning to achieve them. You can mark your progress and mark Goals complete or let your trainer do that after periodic assessments.

Progress Tab helps with tracking body composition. You can see your weight and measurements dynamics, enter new data and track your progress.

Finally, you can select a way you want to train. If you want to start easy, you can select a 30-minute one-on-one training session or go all out and start training for an hour at a time. If you think you need a bit extra support, bring a friend for a semi-private training session.