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Senior and Active Aging Adult Fitness

Senior and Active Aging Adult training focuses on functional health. Stereotypes, both positive and negative can be detrimental. Through the series of assessments, you and your trainer will together decide the best course of action for your training and set goals that fit your specific needs and plans.

Functional and resistance (weight) training often viewed as two separate types of training. The foundation of human body movement is posture. People with weak core muscles and/or muscle imbalance have an increased risk of injury when performing tasks with added weight. This is why we begin the training with a focus on postural stability and light resistance training to address those issues.

Once you have gained or restored postural integrity we can move on to movement training. During this phase, the focus is on basic movement patterns of bending, pushing and pulling, squatting and rotation before adding external resistance.

Once correct moving patterns have been achieved, it is time to add resistance training into the mix and start working on muscle endurance and strength.

All throughout the program, your trainer will make sure that you understand every step of the process and, most importantly, having fun.